Friday, August 14, 2009

The Dumpster Chic Subculture : Mary-Kate Olsen

So, here's the deal. I started noticing MK's style changing when the big apple hit her. All of a sudden, she was this little twig in platforms and moo moo dresses. I loved it! In the beginning of her transition to DUMPSTER, there really wasn't any CHIC yet. She was sloppy, and college-ish with her "I don't care...lemme hold a Starbucks in this hand and my copy of vogue in the other." (a.k.a my day to day gear) But the girl was definitely on to something. I would probably say that she was the one to reintroduce hobo, sexy slop. Magazines started calling her look "Dumpster Chic." That's originally where I heard the term. I completely fell in love with the idea. This thought of not caring, but obviously being pretty calculated in deciding what rip goes where on your citizen of humanity jeans, completely rocked my world. Now, her style has transitioned. Again, no doubt the influence of moving to Soho New York. She's a little sleeker, but not too "I'm an artist from New York, so I'm gonna wear all black from now on" (ewww) No, on the red carpet she's a class act in long , retro dresses...eye popping accessories and that trusty pout that is all MK. When papped by the paparazzi, she's "Oh my god, don't look at me..." in her huge sunglasses, signature anklet boots that extend probably 5 inches off of the ground (kudos to a fellow short girl who understands the importance of heels). And she's more GRUNGE now. That's the thing, 2008 was the year of the return of GRUNGE. People still haven't completely fallen back in love with the music (though its one of the best genres EVER) but everyone understands how hot a flannel shirt looks with some skinny jeans or tied around your waist. Simply irresistible. On guys, forget it! On girls, it's like a high and proud middle finger to Hollister or some other overpriced t-shirt shop. Obviously I'm a fan of this resergance of grunge. Like I said, the early nineties were pretty fierce for fashion. But you know, this generation's doing something very interesting with it. They're making grunge, sleek and classic by actually fitting their bodies! My God, who'd a thought what a difference darting would make in a flannel shirt! Anyway, back to MK. She's brilliant. I love what she's done for her image. She takes fashion seriously. She sees it as an art. Whereas other celebrities have stylists and people to help them look good because THEY LIKE LOOKING GOOD. Those people are not in love with fashion, they're in love with themselves.

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